Dilma to the Legislature- Wages will go up

President Dilma Rousseff addressed Brazil’s National Legislature on its opening yesterday. The next few posts will address a few concrete policies to expect in the coming years, as well as a few aspects of the speech that are worth further consideration: MINIMUM WAGE The minimum wage was $510 Reales per month in 2010 and the proposal—an executive decree issued by Lula Read more about Dilma to the Legislature- Wages will go up[…]

Does the Rise of Economic Optimism Lead to More Charity?

Booming Brazil and Buoyant Brazilians An Ipsos Public Affairs poll measuring national economic optimism in 24 countries placed Brazil far ahead of the pack, with 78 percent of people optimistic about the country’s economy, according to today’s Globo newspaper. India came a distant second at 61 percent and France a gloomy last, with just 3 Read more about Does the Rise of Economic Optimism Lead to More Charity?[…]

#5 Credit: Brazilians Debtor despondency rises by 3.9% Over A Year Ago

The current trend toward rogue debtors in Brazil is a result of at least two phenomena: first, the conditions surrounding a boom in credit, including the way purchases are parceled out over time and a society with little credit experience; second, the phenomenon I wrote about last entry–the fantastical price of consumer durables here in Brazil.