Brazil’s Productivity Gap

“Doing more with less.” As world population heads towards 8 billion, countries and companies across the world aim to use technology, organizational techniques, and training to do more with less: increase productivity and conserve resources while sustaining a decent quality of life. One of the key concepts here is productivity. I recently participated in a Read more about Brazil’s Productivity Gap[…]

#5 Credit: Brazilians Debtor despondency rises by 3.9% Over A Year Ago

The current trend toward rogue debtors in Brazil is a result of at least two phenomena: first, the conditions surrounding a boom in credit, including the way purchases are parceled out over time and a society with little credit experience; second, the phenomenon I wrote about last entry–the fantastical price of consumer durables here in Brazil.

#4 Import taxes (i.e. tariffs)

The price of consumer durables in Brazil is more expensive than in any other large market in the world–hands down.  This does not seem to jive with the plight of the median Brazilian, who earns somewhere around $1000R ($600US) a month (minimum wage is about $550R a month. If anything, purchases of goods that can Read more about #4 Import taxes (i.e. tariffs)[…]