Reviewing the New Brazilian President’s 1st Semester: Politics

This past Wednesday night Dilma Rousseff threw a cocktail party to celebrate the end of her government’s first semester and the beggining of the National Legislature‚Äôs mid July break. According to, 17 of 38 ministers made an appearance, as did the Presidents of both Chambers of Congress and the Vice President. The event began Read more about Reviewing the New Brazilian President’s 1st Semester: Politics[…]

Brazil’s Congress: Paying for Consensus

Brazilians have a saying, that every corruption scandal “ends in pizza.” The malfeasant and the enforcer settle things by sharing a meal and leaving behind what brought them together in the first place. Unlike other Latin American elites, the Brazilian elite peculiarly tend towards consensus as opposed to hot-headed conflict. Rather than incriminate each other, Read more about Brazil’s Congress: Paying for Consensus[…]