Teaching and Mentoring

In my teaching, I focus on strengthening analytical abilities, primarily by demanding logically sound, structurally coherent written responses – in the form of a thesis – to weekly readings. For FGV-EBAPE’s academic-track Master’s and Doctoral program I teach one of two Qualitative Methods courses as well as a course on Transparency and Good Governance. I Read more about Teaching and Mentoring[…]

Research Projects

FGV’s Public Transparency Program and the Transparency Evaluation Network At the FGV, I lead the Public Transparency Program (PTP) and a research project called (in aspirational fashion) the Transparency Evaluation Network (TEN). I founded the PTP in 2014 as a collaboration between the FGV School of Law and FGV-EBAPE. The PTP undertakes several initiatives. It consults Read more about Research Projects[…]

Research Interests

Most of my research focuses on transparency. I am passionate about this field because transparency can improve communication, coordination, cooperation, capacity-building, and accountability. Article 19, a nonprofit, calls transparency “the oxygen of democracy”, but the axiom can be extended to the private sector and other areas of human interaction. The questions I ask about transparency Read more about Research Interests[…]

Professional Overview

Academic C.V. (PDF) I am father of two, husband, and Associate Professor of Government at Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV-EBAPE) in Rio de Janeiro (promoted in early 2020). I also founded and head FGV’s Public Transparency Program, a collaboration between FGV-EBAPE and FGV’s School of Law.  My research is Read more about Professional Overview[…]