A Canadian citizen from Toronto, I am also a Brazilian permanent resident married to the lovely architect, Carolina Porto Fonseca, who leads the ‘Construction in Steel’ sector of the Steel Institute of Brazil (Instituto Aço Brasil). We feel privileged to live in park-rich Praia do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, and to have two healthy and[…]


I earned a B.A. at McGill University in Montreal, during which time I spent a semester in Mexico at ITESM, Queretaro, as a full time student. After extensive travel in South America, I accepted an offer from the University of Texas at Austin for graduate studies because of its unparalleled resources and faculty on all subjects Latin American, as[…]

Teaching and Mentoring

Teaching is another area of great interest and engagement for me. For FGV-EBAPE’s academic master’s and doctoral program I teach one of two Qualitative Methods courses as well as a course on Transparency and Good Governance. I have included the latests syllabi as links. To undergraduates I have taught ‘Democratic Political Institutions’. For Master’s students[…]

Research Projects

At the FGV, I lead the Public Transparency Program (PTP) and a research project called (in aspirational fashion) the Transparency Evaluation Network (TEN). I founded the PTP in 2014 as a collaboration between the FGV School of Law and FGV-EBAPE. The PTP gauges how well Brazilian governments are complying with the country’s new freedom of information law. At[…]

Research Interests

Most of my research focuses on transparency. I am passionate about this field because opening up and sharing good information can improve communication, coordination, cooperation, capacity-building, and accountability. Article 19, a nonprofit, calls transparency “the oxygen of democracy”, but the axiom can be extended to the private sector and other areas of human interaction. Studying[…]

Professional Life

I am Assistant Professor of Administration and Government at Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV-EBAPE) in Rio de Janeiro. It’s a fantastic position. I have the opportunity to work with exceptional students, to be challenged by them and to challenge their worldviews. Best of all, I can claim to be part of[…]