Research Interests

Most of my research focuses on transparency. I am passionate about this field because opening up and sharing good information can improve communication, coordination, cooperation, capacity-building, and accountability. Article 19, a nonprofit, calls transparency “the oxygen of democracy”, but the axiom can be extended to the private sector and other areas of human interaction.

The questions I ask about transparency are varied: How do strong transparency policies come about? To what extent are agents complying with these policies? And how best can we evaluate the operation of transparency policies? My research and research projects span the horizons of comparative politics, public and business administration, development studies, political communication, and applied methods.

Studying transparency appeals to my interdisciplinary background and to who I am—a straightforward, earnest individual (sometimes blunt to a fault). It also seems to be a career vocation: I ran and owned a window-cleaning business during my university years (Squeaky Clean), so transparency has kept me in the business of cleaning windows, figuratively speaking. What’s more, my parents both owned their own marketing and advertising firms, so I share their obsessions with revelation and publicity, while atoning for their spins.

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