Brazil Flag for Portuguese versionGreetings. I am a Canadian citizen and a Brazilian permanent citizen based in Rio de Janeiro, where I work as a professor at the Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration at the Fundação Getúlio Vargas. I am married to the lovely architect and project manager, Carolina Porto Fonseca, and have a baby son, Arthur.

Greg in front of parliament in Brasilia

I earned my B.A. at McGill University in Montreal, and completed an M.A. in Latin American Studies and a Ph.D. (2010) in comparative politics and international relations both at the the University of Texas at Austin.

My dissertation examined the determinants of robust transparency and freedom of information (FOI) laws across Latin America and is now the basis for a book under contract with Cambridge University Press (forthcoming). My current research focuses on the intersection of transparency, media, technology, and politics, as well as the design and implementation of transparency, open-data, and disclosure policies in government and business.

My future research will rely primarily on a project sponsored by the Open Society Foundations and coordinated by the FGV and other partners- the Transparency Audit Network. The project aims to compile, develop, apply and compare public transparency evaluations in order to promote more reliable research on transparency and motivate greater governmental compliance through the power of comparison.